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We are living in the 21st century, and this is the digital era. To make your business successful, you have to use different modern tactics. From one of them, projection mapping is the most emerging and successful one. It is a diverting experience of fantasy, light, and illusion.

What is projection mapping?

Projection_mapping is an innovative technology that allows you to overlap videos on any plain or 3D surface. It turns these surfaces into attractive displays and leaves an emotional and long-lasting impression on the audience.
To create a touchy and engaging experience with your audience, you need to make efforts with ads and multimedia. And this is what projection mapping is; the video is mapped onto a surface, such as buildings, stages, runways, and even water.

Experiential Marketing Company brings to your audience the most realistic experiences. Our team of professionals will bring your events to life and provide you with a deep and fun experience. We offer:

  • 360-degree dome projection.
  • Hypnotic theatrical experiences.
  • Show-stopping concerts and many more.

Inspirational examples of projection/video mapping:

  • Façade Festival: At the 2017 Façade Festival, artworks were projected beautifully onto the Vancouver Art Gallery building. It was an aesthetic mapping of the artwork. And the audience appreciated it.
  • Audi-Future Space 2018:Projection mapping used for big product launches enhances new product releases such as car launching. In 2018, a video mapping show was launched for Audi by Panasonic in collaboration with Fabrika.
  • Digital talk opening ceremony: Digitaltalk (a leading digital keynote conference) created a hypnotic and delightful experience for attendees through lighting and projection mapping. There are many other examples of projection/video mapping. So with this strategy, you’re going to experience a never-ending successful journey.

Why should you use video mapping to enhance your event?

It is evident that visual displays are more engaging, immersive, and interactive. Plus, it will leave a long-lasting and memorable impact on your audience. Therefore, using projection mapping will enhance your event.

Another critical point is that projection/video mapping will somehow save your money. Because instead of buying all those décor accessories, you need to hire Pixel Edge Experiential Marketing Company’s professionals for your next project. In the case of roadshows, it will save your money even more as now you don’t have to pay for transportation services.

The benefits of video mapping are never-ending. For instance, you can use 3D mapping technology for the enhancement of your product launching event. And can customize the venue for a wedding or business meeting purpose. Furthermore, you can use video mapping technology for the demo of your product and many other uses as well.

Our services for projection/video mapping:

  • Consultation Phase:

    Our exceptional and experienced professionals completely immerse themselves in your projects to provide you with a high-quality experience and 100% satisfaction. Before working on your project, we consult you and learn about your ideas. And then, we add some of our innovative ideas to that too. Furthermore, this is how we provide you with the best.

  • Creation Phase:

    After consultation and planning of the project, we begin the creation phase. At, our whole process is transparent, and we’ll also let you know every little detail of the project. Therefore, you will be in touch with us during the whole creation phase. As our experts also always keep your satisfaction first and provide you with the best plus flawless event day.
  • Installation Phase:

    We run multiple checks on types of equipment to ensure they’re working right. Then, our experienced professionals set up the system. So our work doesn’t end here. We also keep in touch with you even after the installation of the project. Moreover, we’re 24/7 available for the system update or if you want some assistance regarding software. Or if it’s not working well. Projection-Mapping ensures its high-quality services in any case.

Our Areas of expertise our:

  • Award Ceremonies.
  • Conferences.
  • Corporate Events.
  • Sports Events.
  • Concerts.

To discover more about the projection/video mapping and the impacts it will leave for your event, book your consultation now.

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