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Promote your brand or your product in an innovative way!

To create high-quality content and to gain the attention of your audience, you can use buildings and architecture for projection mapping. At Pixel Edge, we help you select the best public places to target your audience for brand experience and events.

We own a fleet of projection systems to help you deliver your promotion. And we run multiple checks on setup before the projection activity. Our professionals strictly follow timetables and are very hard working. That’s why we’ll arrive at you at the scheduled time to provide you with our promising services. In addition to that, we also offer filming and photography services for your event. Or you can provide your own photographer as well.

What is building projection mapping?

Mapping out a video or image on the building is building projection mapping. This way, you can retain the attention of a large audience. Plus, building projection is much more affordable as compared to video walls or touch tables.

For high-quality services, contact Pixel Edge to know about our workflows, digital experiences, and services to enhance your customer’s experience.

Examples of building projection mapping to inspire you:

  • The fifth anniversary of Singapore’s Garden:

    By the Bay Park in June fifth anniversary of Singapore’s Garden was celebrated. In that, a projection of flowers and bubbles was created for 20 minutes across the gardens’ eight “supertrees”.
  • Audiovisual experience at metropolis:

    In 2016, at British Columbia’s largest mall, a colorful, 3D, and hypnotic experience was created for the attendees. The software experts created an infinity room-like experience with mirrored floor and ceiling. It was indeed a fantastic experience.
  • Vancouver’s Cambie Street Bridge:

    To celebrate British Columbia’s annual salmon migration, Vancouver’s Cambie Street Bridge was converted into the virtual sea with the help of projection mapping. It was hypnotic and worth watching the view.

Our 2D and 3D projection services:

We provide both 2D and 3D projection mapping services. Our 2D projection mapping services are immersive enough to engage your audience and to connect them to your brand. Through our 2D projection mapping, we’ll help you change your walls into memories. Moreover, our services will make people stop and look. So get your flat walls projected from top to bottom for your venue.

At Pixel Edge, our professionals are skilled enough to handle both 2D and 3D and projection mapping.

Benefits of 3D projection mapping:

There are many more benefits of 3D projection mapping as you don’t have to worry about the surface type and can focus entirely on content. Secondly, it can turn a dull surface into a 3D world. And your attendees can enjoy the real-world without even wearing 3D glasses. Plus, it is easy to move around, and you can use it repeatedly. Last and the most important con of 3D projection mapping is that it gives an aesthetic effect and contact the audience with the theme.

3D Building Projection:

Bring illusion and fantasy to your next event with the help of our 3D projection mapping services. We create video content and overlay it on to the intended building. It engages your audience. And will make your event memorable, interactive, and touch the emotions of your audience.

At Pixel Edge Company, our professionals are always ready to help you. We can also create every kind of content from a single projection setup to complete building transformations. Furthermore can provide you with 100% original content or can create a copy of any project you want.

Guerrilla Projections:

It is a constructive way to convey your message. Unlike traditional billboards and banners, it can move and change and can incorporate into the surface. So a large number of business campaigns these days rely on guerrilla projection mapping to draw the attention of their audience in a more practical way towards their services and products. At Pixel Edge, we also provide engaging content to immerse your audience in your campaigns in a more effective way.

So get a quote now and let’s discuss your ideas about your next event.

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