Is projection mapping the next big thing in retail?

After leaving its traces on events, exhibits, and conferences, projection mapping is gaining mass attention in the retail business. It has the potential to bring your products to life with its appealing visual displays. Brands are now turning towards projection mapping. And marketers can predict easily that projection mapping is the next big thing in retail. In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of projection mapping in retail.

What is Projection Mapping?

Projection mapping is to project animation, graphics, or images on any object. And in some cases, it uses sound effects as well. Initially, projection mapping was started for outdoor events and exhibitions where an entire building was projected at night. But now it is turning towards retail business as well.

With developing projection technologies, projection mapping is becoming more and more effective, immersive, and engaging. And marketers are permanently displaying projection mapping in retail. 

Projection mapping gives an appealing effect to your display. And will help customers to visit you more. And getting customers to step in is half the battle even when they don’t have to buy the product. Consequently, it will increase your purchase rate.

Why is projection mapping gaining attention in the retail section?

With the help of projection mapping, you can transform your outlet or any part of the store. And it adds an appealing factor to your display and product launch. Plus, you can modify your outlet’s front to appeal to your customers and help them visit more. At Pixel Edge, we guarantee you an unforgettable and immersive experience. Furthermore, with the help of projection mapping, your launch can go viral in seconds, and more people will know about it. Therefore, we suggest projection mapping for your retail business.

Live experience:

Brands are utilizing digital content to gain the attention of their audience. They held different events and let customers test the pre-launched products. It helps customers to try the product even before its launch. So they can decide whether the product is suitable for them or not. And give their honest reviews about the product. Or suggest what changes they want to make the experience more enjoyable and memorable. 

Eventually, projection mapping helps the customer visualize the product. And to be more realistic and confident about them. Additionally, it adds more options for shopping. For instance, in a cloth shop, the shopkeepers display more clothes than usual to help with projection mapping. It leaves an excellent impression on potential customers. And consequently, your sell rate will increase.

Eye-catching visual display:

A combination of projection mapping and retail is the combination of the digital and the physical world. So it is the best way to engage your customers and give them a solid reason to visit the shop physically instead of buying online.

Screen content is more engaging and has a variety of options. And it allows more social reach. That is why we suggest adding projection mapping to your shop for a better and eye-catching visual display.

Moreover, projection mapping has a long-lasting impact on customers. And your product will stay on their mind for a long. Either way, you can say that your product will be the talk of the crowd. And there are chances that customers will re-purchase the product and might bring their friends as well.

Retail Applications:

Mapping out products instead of physically laying them in your shop adds options to them and color variety. For instance, in a bathroom or a kitchen supplier, it adds color and design options and makes your customers visit more and buy more. And there’s another advantage of projection mapping: you can map out graphics on nearly anything. Hence it will be easy for you to create a dazzling impact on your customers.

Show-stopping visual displays:

Pixel Edge can create show-stopping visual displays to gain the attention of your audience. We offer the following strategies:

  • In-store displays for new products and ranges.
  • Fascinatingly decorating the shop-front.
  • Launching new products in a retail environment.
  • Experiential marketing, and much more.

How projection mapping works:

In projection mapping, there are two ways of projection. One is 2D, and the other is 3D. 

2D projection mapping has been in use for years. But it is not as effective as 3D. Because it is just a simple projection while 3D mapping uses animations with sound as well, and this way, 3D mapping creates a more real and immersive experience.

At Pixel Edge Experiential Marketing, we use innovative technologies with a fleet of projectors, bespoke technologies, and smart software to bring your products to life. So contact us and let us know about your requirements and we’ll start working immediately.