Interactive Touch Walls

Interactive Touch Walls India

What is interactive touch wall technology?

By interactive touch wall technology we mean:

A large screen fitted on the wall from to bottom with particular software installed in it.

These interactive walls with:

  • High-resolution
  • And multi-user touch sensors

These are alternative to desktop computers or files and are much more engaging. It is a new strategy, and all other paper promotions are slowly fading away. At first, it might be tricky and risky to start. And in that case, you can seek help from our professionals. We assure you that our services will never drag you down. Once you’re done with the installation and learning phase. Then, it’ll be easy for you to promote your brand more effectively.

At Pixel Edge, we install interactive touch walls with:

  • High resolution
  • Integrated infrared sensors
  • Multi-touch screens, and many more

And we offer free and non-compliant consultation as well. So, contact us for permanent and temporary installations.

Our Services:

Interactive multi-touch walls:

We install exclusive PC for high resolution and multi-user engagement. Through integrated infrared sensors well allow multi-user interaction. These multi-touch walls are equipped with:

  • Thirty-two touch points with the help of IR sensors.
  • HD display by using an exclusive PC.
  • Full-screen appearance with small gaps.
  • Use of high-end accessory (such as media-player, wiring, and many more).

Digital signage solutions:

Pixel Edge will provide you digital signage solutions with:

  • Device installation
  • Innovative technologies, and addons

Our digital signage solutions include:

  • Sizeable interactive touch-walls for multi-user engagement.
  • Innovative technologies.
  • Personalized touch screen apps for your suitability.
  • Optional add-ons (such as scanner, audio-system, and flight case).

We offer digital signage solutions irrespective of your industry. Whether for your retail business or your corporate meeting room. And you can use it to display menu of a restaurant as well. We’ll offer you high-quality services based on your need.

Furthermore, theses LED walls will increase:

  • Customer engagement
  • Effect all in all sale rate
  • And have a direct impact on promotional activities

In general, interact with your targeted audience directly with the brand. There are many other reasons to install touch walls. Let’s skim through them for your help.

Why should you install touch walls?

  • With interactive multi-touch walls, your business site will experience
    “A wow factor and largest far-off impact.”
  • With video walls, you will be able to offer:
    Sales, trade fairs, and different ways of promotional events.
    It will help you amaze your customers and got most attention for your product.
  • It is an effective way to convey your message and information to your customers.
  • One of the most significant benefits of interactive touch walls is that:
    It allows creative and collaborative teamwork, with the help of multi-user technology.
    And enable a range of customers to engage with our services at a time.
  • Interactive touch walls create an unforgettable experience and promote your brand well. Moreover, there are chances that your consumers will share their brand experience. They can share it either with friends or family. And this will automatically increase the sale rate.
  • Video walls engage the customers and never let them feel bored. So, they will visit you more and buy more from you. Thus, you can say that these walls create a good time for your attendees.

Software for multi-touch screens:

Content management software is pre-installed on your media player. Additionally, you can download new apps of your choice from our online App store. And can update them as well. We offer:

  • Pre-installed content management software for free
  • Access to our touch screen App store
  • Customizable apps
  • New apps and updates

We install easy to use and comprehensible system. But still, if you need any help in how our system works. Our professionals will always be ready for your support at any time.

Buy or Rent today!

You can either buy or rent our installations. We provide both services for your convenience. And our professionals are 24/7 available for your interactive digital signage solutions. Hence, request your free consultation today and avail yourself of our best services.

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